In Honor of Kent's Erupting Teeth

I have composed a little ditty. Well, not so much composed, as added lyrics to an existing ditty. It's sung to the tune of "O, Holy Night." Sing along with me, will you?


O, Sleepless Night!
His eyes are brightly shining.
It is a night when we wait for his teeth.

Long lay our boy
In deep and peaceful slumber
Until his teeth tried to push through his gums.

The thrill of sleep—
A weary mom rejoices
For Orajel and Children's Tylenol.

Fall, fall asleep!
I know that you are tired!

I love my son,
But I hate his little teeth!

I love my son,
But I hate his little teeth!


Seriously. I hate his teeth. I'm sure they'll be very cute and useful once they get here, but until then, I hate them.




*sigh* that time of development. It will end. I promise. Also, have you tried Hyland's teething tablets? They're an all natural soother, made of like cammomile and other stuff. Tiny tablets that dissolve instantly. I saw them at our Walgreens. It was nice to have something soothing when I didn't always want to give him Tylenol. (Though we could not sleep without the big T. Dude, it must be horrible for the poor babes. Is he just nursing your boobs off, too?)

btw, I thought the song was very clever. :)
Love the song. That's my type of fun. Emily is completing the appearance of her first two teeth. Later than Ben, but earlier that Anna, so who knows. Anyway, we are in that boat with you right now.
Great song! Teeth aches are the worst (or at least, what I can imagine they feel like for a baby, after having had braces). I hope he can get some relief! :-(
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