On Thanksgiving and the Wedding

The fact that I haven't yet posted about the rest of our trip has been bugging me all week. I haven't had much opportunity/energy to sit down and make a post because we're in the Exciting World of Teething. Really exciting. Kent's sleeping habits, which used to have him sleeping for a stretch of 6 or 7 hours most nights before he woke up, have now regressed, and he's sleeping only 2 or 3 hours at a time throughout the night. Jack and I have kind of been dragging lately, as you can imagine. Kent slept so well on our trip, but when we got home, it's like he turned off a switch or something.

But more about the trip... Kent got to meet most of the rest of his family at Thanksgiving and my mom's wedding, including meeting his other great-grandparents for the first time. We only see them once or twice a year, so I was glad they got to see him while he's still tiny. We'll get to see almost everyone again at my stepbrother's wedding this weekend, which is a real treat.

Here's Kent with Mimi,

And here he is with Popop, demonstrating the gnawing on of knuckles that we've come to associate with his teething.

The week leading up to the wedding was so hectic, but kind of nice at the same time. It was my last time in Lancaster, since Mom is moving in a couple of weeks, so Kent and I took a few walks around, including a trip to the pizza parlor up the street, where I had to get the guy behind the counter to help me get the stroller up the steps. (It's an old city and not the most wheelchair- or stroller-friendly place.) We didn't make it to Central Market, because they're only open certain hours on certain days of the week, none of which happened to fall into line with Kent's ever-changing schedule that he never lets me know ahead of time.

My friends Lauren and Alice came for a day visit, though I stupidly forgot to take pictures. We did some outlet shopping and then came back to Mom's house for dinner, and Kent bonded with Alice while I cooked. He was totally calm in her arms and seemed to enjoy her fuzzy red sweater as well. They both brought presents for him, and we had a fun evening talking and laughing (mostly at him). I love my friends.

Mom, Bill, Kent, and I went to Panera for dinner one night, and it was great except that they were out of my favorite soup, broccoli cheddar. I didn't know they could run out of it, since they have it all the time. I was pretty bummed, because (1) the closest Panera to us is in Alabama, so we only get to go when we're traveling, and (2) I'm a creature of habit at certain restaurants and like to get my one favorite thing every time I go. Too bad. I still had a delicious dinner, and it was fun to be out for a bit of calm amidst the chaos. Even though I had a fun time with them at the beginning of the week, they had a lot to get done and couldn't help me with Kent as much as they'd wanted to, so things got much better and less crazy for me when Jack got there on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner for the first time! I successfully cooked several firsts for me: a turkey, vegetarian dressing that I just kind of made up, since most recipes call for pan drippings and other meaty items, roasted zucchini (well, that wasn't a first), and pumpkin pie. Mimi, happy for me to delegate things to her, made her signature mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy to round out the meal, and we had some great bread from the store that my mom had picked up. I stuffed the turkey with pieces of orange, lemon, and garlic, and it was great, even on a sandwich with gravy the next day. Yum. The pie turned out really well too, but I learned the importance of doing the pie ahead of time, since I didn't think to do that and I had to take the turkey out while the pie baked. I don't know why I thought there would be room in the oven, but now I know better. Thanksgiving is so my favorite holiday, and spending most of the day cooking was just the recharge I needed.

And then there was the wedding. I was the Best Woman, and Bill's best friend was his Best Man. It's been incredible to see my mom find love again and to share that with her on a different level than I could when I was a kid. Bill is so good for her, and everyone there knew it, including the priest at Mom's church, who gave a really lovely sermon. Lots of family and friends came to town, including my aunt and uncle who live in Colorado and several of Mom's friends from WV and NC, so there was a big celebration and much merriment.

Despite the chaos, the week ended well, and Jack, Kent, and I flew back on Sunday without incident. Kent even slept during our layover in Houston, so Jack and I got to eat lunch at the same time. Crazy.

It was really nice to be home, and I had the strangest sensation while walking around the house Sunday night that the house had changed — it seemed different somehow. It's back to normal in my head now, though. We have more travels coming up this month, and hopefully the cats will forgive us for our absence. Leaving home is totally worth it for trips like this.

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Does your house smell different when you have been gone? Ours does. It's not that we've gotten used to the way it smells when we are here, it is a totally different smell. I responded on my blog that we are supposed to be in the house by Christmas. I hope that is true.
Wow, what a busy week you had. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds really good. I love the pictures of Kent. He's a real dear! I'm so glad you had a nice trip.

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