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While I was nursing Kent on the bed just now, Celia was sitting next to us taking a bath. I watched her for a while, thinking about how I should brush her more often so that she doesn't lick so much loose hair off herself, and then I started to contemplate the following question:

Do lions get hairballs, too?

I would imagine they do, since they're cats and probably care about grooming themselves a little, at least. But can you imagine walking through the plains in Africa and stumbling over a giant hairball? Gross and funny all at the same time.




I had similar thoughts last time I went to visit Mike. ;)
Interesting question. I suppose they do. Or maybe they just digest them through with everything else in their tummies? (maybe their systems can do that but housecats' systems can't?)

P.S. my word verification word is bnlndapo -- BNL like the band, yay! :-) What would that say, "BNL Linda poo" maybe? LOL!
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