And there was pie...

And the people did enjoy it.

Our Soup & Pie luncheon at church was awesome. There were about 10 different soups, my favorites of which were a duck and andouille gumbo, a 16 bean soup with sausage and ham, and a lentil and split pea soup. The lentil soup was vegan, and there was a ton of it, so Jack and I brought some home and will be enjoying it throughout the week. Also, I and five other people baked bread, which was fun and added a nice touch.

And then there was pie.

About seven of us judged the pies, which were identifiable only by number so as to keep corruption out of the judging experience. There were 15 pies to taste, and I tasted all of them. I had two little plates, and I scooped out a little of each pie in order around the plates so that I'd be able to keep them straight. Some of the judges were just tasting as they went, going back to the ones they liked to make really sure that those were the ones they liked. It was the Second Most Transcendent Dessert Experience I've ever had, next to the midnight chocolate buffet on our cruise two years ago.

The pies I voted for were the three that won. Third place was a really delicious apple pie with a crumb topping, basic but done very well. Second place was a chocolate parfait pie baked by the wife of our assistant pastor. And first place — are you ready for this? — was a pecan pie on top of a ginger cheesecake. I kid you not. The guy who baked that one is an amazing cook who always brings tender brisket or something equally delicious to our potluck dinners, and he got second place last year, so I think he had something to prove. =) After we judged everything and the winners were announced, there was a run on the winning pies, so I was glad that I had saved my plates so that Jack could help sample the best ones.

This is an annual tradition at our church, but somehow, this is the first year we managed to attend. I'm not missing it ever again. I can still feel all the sugary goodness coursing through my veins.

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