Local Family Rocked by Windshield Replacement, Ear Infection

That pretty much sums up our day. The windshield got nicked on our drive home this weekend, and the crack was starting to spread across my field of vision, so we had a guy come to the house and replace it. He looked at it for a minute after I asked whether he could just drill a hole to relieve the pressure, but he said that because of the angle (it was coming out of the side of the windshield), he'd just need to replace the whole thing, since a temporary fix wasn't likely to last. Oh well.

Kent and I just got back from the doctor, who confirmed that he does indeed have an infected right ear. I have no idea how long he's had it, but we have some Amoxicillin to help clear it up, I hope. I'm really glad that my cousin Sandra in Winston-Salem was talking about when her son was little and had ear infections, because otherwise, I wouldn't have known the symptoms and might never have thought to call the doctor. Jack and I often feel that we're basically flying blind as new parents and have no idea how to anticipate things anymore — we did a lot of reading at first, but we honestly don't have the time to keep reading a bunch of parenting books and mags, just our choice few, like The No-Cry Sleep Solution, which is currently rocking our world. Again.

Kent just woke up from his carseat-induced nap, so I will now attempt to nurse him back to health with antibiotics and some good old-fashioned Mommy time.

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Glad you made it back safely. It was so good to see all of you in WS. I could have told you about ear infections also. Beth started having them at 3 wks. Finally had tubes when she was 3 yrs old. Crying at night or when in the bed is usually a good sign. Hope the meds help.
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