Everyone in my house is asleep except me

And it's daytime! Kent is taking a nap, the cats are sacked out as usual, and Jack had his right two wisdom teeth forcibly removed this morning, so he's doped up on pain meds and sleeping it off in bed. The surgery went fine, except that he had to wait an hour for them to come back and start after they hooked him up to everything on the table... apparently this is a busy surgeon, and he had several other surgeries and consultations this morning, too. Frustrating, but at least we don't have to go back to this guy again for anything except Jack's follow-up visit. Kent and I got to know all the other families in the waiting room while Jack had his teeth extracted, and then we got Jack's prescription and some clear liquids (since we only ever have water, milk, and OJ around the house) and came home. He got in bed fairly soon after that, and after I had some lunch, I put sleepy Kent down for a nap as well. Hopefully Jack will continue to sleep and be a pleasant patient, because I already told him yesterday that if things were hairy with Kent and then he got all whiny on top of that, I might yell at him. =)

I got a call today that my glasses are ready, so Kent and I are going to go pick those up this afternoon if Jack is still recovering well. Huzzah! I'll be able to see!

Since Jack has two fewer teeth, we're now waiting on Kent to fill the family dental void and get his first two teeth. Ho-hum... waiting...

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And why weren't you sneaking in a nap too? ;-) Can't wait to see your fabulous glasses!
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