Frog in a Pot

That'd be me. I had no idea how bad my eyesight was getting until yesterday, when I went to a glasses place for a vision test and to order my first pair of glasses. For about a year now, I've been noticing more difficulty reading (particularly at the computer) for long periods of time — at first I thought it was just a pregnancy thing, because every other part of my body changed when I was pregnant, so I figured maybe my eyes were just doing the same thing. Not so. My parents both have/had an astigmatism, so I'd thought from an early age that I would eventually succumb and have to bid a fond farewell to my 20/20. That day has arrived. I have an astigmatism AND I'm farsighted. The doctor was amazed when he looked at the results of my tests and I told him I didn't wear glasses yet. I think he wondered why I hadn't come in sooner. He asked whether I was having frequent headaches, and inside, I laughed. I have a baby, so yes, I have frequent headaches.

So now that I've realized the truth and am waiting 7-10 business days for my new glasses (two pairs in contrasting styles), I'm getting very impatient. My eyes hurt, and I'm paying attention to that for the first time. Its worst in the evenings (especially if I have to drive at night), when I've been trying so hard to focus for the entire day that my eyes are like, "Dude. I need a break." I feel all whiny and old, not being able to see and getting very crotchety about the whole thing.

Soon, though, my new Implements of Improved Vision will be here. And lest you fret, don't. There will be pictures.




Frog in a pot, huh? I've never heard that reference with vision before -- where does that come from, what does it mean? Sorry to hear you're joining the poor eyesight club. I've been a member since age 10, blah, but I'm nearsighted. And I also have an astigmatism. Do you have to wear them all the time or just for reading? Are you interested in contacts? I *love* my contacts. Looking forward to seeing photos of you in your new glasses!!
Ha. Maybe I was too obscure there. I was referring to the thing about how if a frog is put into a pot of boiling water, it'll jump right out, but if it's put into a pot of cold water and the heat is slowly raised until it's boiling, the frog gets used to it, so it lets itself be boiled. Gross, but an effective analogy for when something creeps up on you and you don't notice it. Such has been the change in my vision. Apparently, Al Gore also used this analogy in An Inconvenient Truth to talk about global warming.
Ah ha! OK that makes sense now. :-) Totally logical, I just missed the link.
You will feel so much better. If you only knew what physical changes you are in store for down the road.
"Gruncle Mark"
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