It's Bobby Flay's Fault

I watched the Sticky Buns Throwdown last week, so I decided that I had to make sticky buns on Sunday. This was my first time baking them, and it wasn't nearly as hard as I would have thought. I made a brioche dough in the breadmaker, mixed up a glaze on the stove of orange zest, orange juice, cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, and butter (all of which I just eyeballed), toasted some walnuts, then threw the whole thing together and happily devoured them with Jack several hours later. It was a long process. Next time, I'll plan ahead better.

Anyway, they were delicious, though I think I'll leave out the orange flavor next time, since it sort of overpowered the other flavors. Maybe I just put in too much juice... but I'll keep things simpler next time. We've been eating the leftover buns this week, and there are some in the freezer as well, ready to defrost the next time we get a craving.

I *have* asked myself, and the answer is, no, I'm not ready for a throwdown. But they were still excellent, and certain to become a special weekend treat in our family.

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Yum! Those look so good!

Great Aunt Lena made these with the basic refridgerator dough recipe. She used maple syrup as the base of the flavoring for the sticky and varied the walnuts with pecans based on who she was making them for.
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