Man. I was reading on Internet Movie Database about a movie from several years ago that I haven't yet seen; it's a site I usually find quite useful and which I could spend hours surfing if I had the time. I read the plot synopsis and was looking at the reviews, etc., when I saw the phrase "Death of Protagonist" among the list of plot keywords. Hello?? I mean, yes, it's a film about the Holocaust, so I shouldn't be surprised, but really... hide that one a little better next time, people. I still want to see the movie. I'm not saying which one, lest I spoil it for everyone else. I just had to fume for a minute.

Kent is taking a nice long nap, and what am I doing? Surfing the net and hitting refresh on Jeannette's blog every five freakin' minutes so that I can find out whether she's having a boy or a girl. =)

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If you had called you would've known we were in waiting room purgatory for most of the day. Gah!
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