Was the Suspense Killing You?

Probably not so much. But here are the pictures of me in my glasses anyway. They were kind of dark, so I messed with the contrast and brightness in Photoshop, but they're still not great. You can see what I look like, at least... and Kent too. Note his Camera Face. He totally knows how to pose already and will promptly stop whatever he's doing to look directly at the camera whenever we pull it out.

This first pic is of my slightly smaller frames, which are pointed just a little bit at the bottom, so they have kind of a rounded pentagon effect. Kind of. It's really subtle. They're sort of bluish-grey, kind of a blue steel, but not like in Zoolander.

The second pic is of my slightly larger frames, which are a little more funky. They pinch behind my ears in a different way, though, so they're not comfortable to wear all day, unfortunately. They're almost black, but with a bit of a purplish cast to them. I like the fact that both frames have the slightest bit of color instead of just being silver or black.

My eyes are still getting used to looking through them, even though it's easier to focus than it was a couple of days ago. At first, I felt like I was wearing 3-D glasses because everything seemed really distorted and I had all this depth perception that I didn't know what to do with. I'm more used to it now. I still keep feeling like I need to take them off when I go inside, since I'm only used to wearing sunglasses and I take those off every time I go inside. I'll get used to these, I'm sure. It's kind of a whole new strange experience, redefining myself as a Glasses Wearing Person.

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Kent is going to rip those beautiful frames off your face, drool on them, and throw them to the wind. :)

Or maybe he'll just head butt you and bend the nose piece....
Lovely glasses, I love them! I also love Kent's camera face, LOL. He's getting so big! Your black/purple funky glasses look a lot like mine, actually. I got them at Target about 4.5 years ago. Any chance you got them at Target?
Yes, the suspense was killing me. :)
I love the frames you picked, and 2 different styles make it fun.
Agree with Annie Beth, the frames will get a little bent and stuff. But I've always found the eye place is happy to readjust them (just say "I have a small child" and they understand.)
oh, P.S. about glasses pinching behind your ears -- I'm pretty sure they can adjust that. Growing up with two glasses-needing parents who knew the owner of the vision place, she could do anything! I remember choosing a pair of glasses when I was first getting them, complaining that they didn't fit right around the head/ears, and she said, "oh don't worry about that, we can adjust almost anything." So it might be worth a visit back to them for adjustments!
I have to leave another comment about these pictures.

Kent has the coolest hair.

End comment.

And by the way- LOST returns next week. I'll be watching it in HD for the first time this year. YEA!!! Our old TV was so bad that we watched the entire last season on the computer just because the picture was better. *eye roll*
I love the glasses but I really want to know about that sweater you are wearing. It looks so soft!
I haven't read your blog in a few weeks, so it was nice to see your glasses. I have the same two vision problems and it is so comforting to see well again. I see others have told you that the people who made the glasses will adjust them to make you more comfortable. It sometimes take a couple of tries.
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