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A friend of mine recently asked this, and I realized I haven't really posted on my day-to-day existence much lately. Incidentally, sorry to those of you who've sent emails asking how I am... I can reach the most people with the least effort by blogging instead of writing emails, and since my computer time is at a premium for like the next decade, I have to do it this way. Kent has bravely won his first battle against an ear infection, but he's still teething (No Teeth yet, just bumps), so sleep is erratic and awake time is full of irritability. For me and for Kent. We're making it, though.

Friday was a blur of crying and frustration — one of those days when I didn't eat lunch until 2:00 (and then it was only because I drove through someplace and took lunch to Jack's office so he could hold Kent while I ate), and I didn't take a shower until about 4:30. This is not the norm, but it's happened a few times lately, and on those days, I feel completely defeated by parenthood. But once Kent goes to bed, Jack and I spend some time relaxing or watching TV or whatever, we sleep, and the next day is brighter.

I was about to do a run through of the past several days, but I suddenly can't remember anything we did on Saturday. Oh, right. We went to the eye place and I ordered glasses, and then we went to Lowe's and ordered a water heater, which was just installed yesterday. Our old one was still working pretty well, except in the summer when the attic got too hot and the thermostat on the water heater thought that the water was already hot enough, so it stopped heating... that was always fun. The thing that was making me increasingly nervous, though, was the fact that the water heater was as old as our house (24 years) and lived in the attic, so if it rusted through or something, we'd be looking at flooding throughout our house and thousands of dollars worth of damage. Not fun. Now the new water heater is in, heating beautifully and helping me breathe a sigh of relief.

Sunday was a nice day. We went to church for the first time in a month (out of town for two weeks, then ear infection last week), catching up with our friends and getting to see Kent's friend Quentin be baptized. Quentin is three weeks younger than Kent, so we're calling them friends already... especially since the last time they got together, they sucked each other's thumbs. Very cute.

After lunch at home and a short Kent nap, Jack and I decided we should go for a walk out on the levee downtown, since it was a sunny day and we all needed some fresh air. We made a pit stop inside the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, which we'd never visited before but which we decided we should get a family membership to when Kent gets a little older. That place rocked. Then, we walked out on the levee, where it was a tad too windy for us to stay long, but we got some great pictures.

Here's Kent nursing while we sat on a bench. Like I said, it was kind of too windy, but he was hungry, so he didn't mind much. We were both wrapped up in Jack's fleece jacket, making it nice and cozy.

Closer shot of him nursing, taken by me. This is the adorable, calm face I see while he's eating.

I also managed to snap a good pic of the old state capitol building before we left. I love this, especially the fleur de lis fence. *So* Louisiana.

Okay, well, that gets us to Sunday evening, and I still haven't finished this post, though I've been working on it all day off and on. Maybe I'll be like Anne and post in two-day chunks, though her regaling us with tales of their Christmas cruise to Australia is probably slightly more interesting than my tales of water heaters, levees, and No Teeth.

I'll post another update soon, if I don't completely run out of steam. Bath time.

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It is nice to hear these day to day things. I must say that the few stay at home parents I have known have taken refuge in memberships to museums and zoos and science centers. Even from the age Kent is. If it is a place you like to go, he will feel good there also. Our old neighbor used to walk from our apartment to the science center two or three times a week and spent equal amounts of time in the library with her >6 month old. Keesia (the baby) always loved going for a walk or staring at the books, and her mom was calmed by the simple act of being around other people and children.
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