Career paths and other Kent musings

To keep myself amused during the day, I often imagine what Kent's future career might be. One reason we decided to name him Ronald Kent instead of Kent Ronald (besides the convenient preservation of first name/middle name positions from his namesakes) was that R. Kent [our last name] sounded very professional, like the name of a writer or an actuary. Ha. Since then, though, we've imagined many other titles he might have, such as R. Kent [our last name], Circus Performer (because of his prehensile toes), or R. Kent, Cyclist (because of his crazy bicycle kicks). Today, it's R. Kent, Bongo Player. While he's having tummy time, he often bangs his flat hands against the floor, alternating hands every few slaps, so he looks like he's ready for drums. We've got to find this kid some musical instruments. I've been looking at Melissa & Doug's band in a box, and a cool 12-note xylophone from Target, to foster his musical development. A friend from church was telling us that the former choir director, who passed away a few years ago, used to do Baby Music during Sunday school hour and did all kinds of singing and banging activities with babies and their parents. How cool! We'll have to talk to the other people who were involved in this and see about getting it restarted, since there's a group of about 5 of us who've had babies in the last 8 months.

Other Kent news: we're going to start babyproofing very soon, because even though he hasn't gotten a proper crawl going yet, he is teh sc00t. He's making pretty good time around the floor, even if he's not going in a straight line yet. So wires, sharps, and Tiny Things that Look Delicious must be removed. This will be a multi-weekend process.

Also of note: Kent has started solid foods, even though it's off to a bit of a rocky start. He's done pretty well with sweet potatoes, his first food, and we've had mixed success with butternut squash, applesauce, and carrots. He doesn't always seem interested in the act of eating, which will change eventually, I know. And I'm not trying to cram as many different foods into him as possible. I'm just surprised that he's not very excited about eating. Heather told me that her son didn't like baby food and subsisted on breastmilk and Gerber puffs for his first year, so at least I know Kent isn't the only one who was initially reluctant to eat.

We finally got him a high chair on Saturday, and that's helped, since before, he was sitting back in his bouncer seat, and he liked to kick his legs to make it bounce, so his mouth was a moving target. Once we got the high chair set up, though, Jack gave him a few spoonfuls of banana, and he seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, we're trying new things every week or so, and hopefully his food repertoire will be built up over time. I'm eager to get Annabel Karmel's First Meals to learn more and get some ideas, as well as having more info about what foods are appropriate now that we're getting our basic orange and yellow veggies out of the way.

Kent also got a new little bathtub yesterday that fits down inside our bathtub, since he was getting too squirmy for our old method of bathing (where Jack got in the tub too and held Kent while he bathed him). This is much easier, since Kent can sit up safely and Jack has both hands to get him all soapy and slippery. Bath time is fun, but I'm glad that I don't really have to be involved anymore... it gives me a few minutes to myself in the evening, and it's also a special Daddy/Kent thing. I love my boys, and they're so good together.

Now I'm off for stories and bedtime. My son is absolutely delicious in his footie PJs.

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ohhh! I wanna see pictures of Kent in footie pj's!
We have Melissa and Doug's band in a box (I think)and I have the First Meals book. I really enjoy cook books. Although I don't like the format of the Super Baby Food book, it has a lot of neat recipes as well. I like your career musings. No matter what Kent does, at least he'll sound professional.
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