Happy 500

Wow, this is my 500th post. It seems like only yesterday, I was blogging about my 400th post. It's funny how much more frequently I've felt the need to update my blog since Kent was born.

We just had a minorly eventful weekend, starting with Kent's refusal to poo for 3 and a half days, which led us to call our pediatrician's office on Friday night and subsequently give him BabyLax. The things you become concerned about when you're a parent are astounding. I had no idea I'd be keeping such a detailed mental tally of his poo day by day, but there you have it. The BabyLax worked like a charm, and so we all had a very interesting hour after we gave it to him. There just kept being more poo. Finally, he finished, and we all went to sleep, and then he pooed once more in the morning, just to get himself back on schedule. He's been great ever since.

We went to the Spanish Town parade on Saturday, hanging out with a bunch of friends from church during and after the parade. We walked out to the end of the block to the parade route for about five minutes, but with no sunshade for our little boy, it was getting hot, and I was having trouble defending him on all sides from being attacked by flying beads. They can do some damage, and I kept fretting that he might get clobbered. Plus, the whole thing was just way too overstimulating, for Kent and for Jack and me as well. We're kind of non-crowd people now that we have a small child.

Hanging out inside turned out to be more fun, and Kent got to get some quality time in with his friend Quentin, who's three weeks younger than he is. They're the hit of the party anytime they get together. I took several pictures, but this was my favorite. Their expressions are priceless.

We're skipping the New Orleans parades tomorrow, but assuming we're still here next year, it should be great fun to do Mardi Gras with a toddler, for at least the first few minutes!


Wow, I feel like I should have done more to commemorate The Big 500, but I'm too tired.

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Oh my, that picture makes my heart melt! Happy 500 and keep them coming!
Love the picture. Kent has such an intelligent, whimsical look about him.
Neat! Keeping track of 100s of posts is a neat way to journal and see where you are at each marker. In this photo, for the first time I can see what Kent might look like as a toddler little boy instead of a baby. There's just something about it that makes it easy to see that!
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