I am Iron Chef

I can't believe it. I actually made something that I saw on Iron Chef America. And we ate it last night, and it was really good!

When I first started watching ICA, I thought it was entertaining but so far over my novice culinary brain that I'd never actually be able to recreate any of their dishes. Three years or so later, though, I'm familiar enough with ingredients and how they work that I get inspired a lot, and Battle Peanut gave me my first opportunity to test such inspiration. Bobby Flay made this fantastic looking French toast using two slices of bread with peanut butter, cream cheese, and honey in between, then dipped the whole thing in egg and fried it up. Not one of his most complex dishes, to be sure, but a great flavor combo that I couldn't resist trying. I fancied it up by using a gourmet cinnamon/currant peanut butter that I found at Target, then topped it with some fried apples, and we had some cheese grits to round out the meal. It was even good as leftovers this morning, since I made too much and would have exploded if I'd tried to finish it last night.

In other culinary news, on Sunday I successfully recreated one of Jack's favorite sandwiches that he always orders at Cheeburger Cheeburger: a patty melt made with a grilled portobello mushroom instead of ground beef. Caramelized onions and provolone cheese filled out the sandwich, and I made sweet potato fries instead of regular French fries to keep it on the healthy side.

I love digging myself out of a food rut. It's almost as good as the feeling I got during my second trimester when I suddenly wasn't sick anymore and remembered what it felt like to be a real person again.

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Mmmm, both meals sound so good!

I have been in a food rut lately, having had the flu and consequently not really eating well for the past couple weeks. We're well now, but we're also so behind that I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to make a decent meal! Hopefully I will also find some inspiration soon. :)
That sounds excellent! Yum. I wish Steve liked breakfast food, but he really doesn't (except for sausage) -- no eggs, omelets, grits, oatmeal, pancakes, french toast, breakfast potatoes, etc etc. So, I am always on my own if I want breakfast for dinner.
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