Kent's Footies

An 8-month-old Kent smiles up at us from his crib, and once again, we cannot resist taking 20 pictures at a time. Here are my two favorites. You can see that his curly hair just keeps growing. No haircuts in the immediate future; I love it too much to get it chopped off yet.

So now you know how, when he was barely 6 months old, we already had over 1000 pictures of Kent. At least we have a big hard drive. We might have to get another one soon, though, or at least start burning some of these pictures to DVDs.

FYI: Patti is sitting next to me on one of the dining room chairs, and while giving herself a little bath just now, she accidentally fell off the chair. She looked around for a minute to try to figure out why she was suddenly on the floor, then hopped back up and continued her bath, probably feeling a little silly but showing no outward signs of embarrassment.

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He's so cute, posing for the camera like that! I can see in his face that he is growing up, too. Is he really 8 months old already, how is that even possible?! Whoa. Also, your story about Patti is hilarious! ROTFL.
Yay! footie jammies and mad scientist hair!
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