Okay, here's a fun thing to do. Go to ratemyprofessors.com, and look me up. I had a ball reading the positive comments from people who succeeded in my class and the negative comments from people who hated me because I assigned too much work and my tests were too hard. Ironically, the negative comments are exactly what I'd want people to know about me. I'm thinking of putting this link in my CV. Ha. This just brightened my already pleasant day!




That made our night! We had a blast reading your comments and then surfing over to find a few of our friends and past instructors. What a fun site!
Erica, that was pretty funny. Run away, run away! (Monty Python)

Sounds like some of the kids in my youth group. I told them that "even if you don't want to be here, you may as well learn something and not waste your time."
Student evaluations are always so interesting. My favorites were always the mix of some students complaining the class covered way too much material and they couldn't keep up and other students complaining the class went too slowly and was boring. I figured I was doing a good job once I started getting an equal number of both complaints. :-)
I love that site. Congrats on your comments! It's funny that the negative people didn't realize they were actually complimenting. It's especially gratifying to look up the evaluations of established faculty members, rivals in the field, or people who have been nasty to you, and think "ha! I'm a better teacher than they are, even if they do [insert here: have a long list of pubs, have tenure, etc]" Also, I hadn't seen the "professors strike back section" until now, that's great!
I especially love the fact that because you "love music" you are a "terrible teacher". lol! Good teachers SHOULD love their subject, Yeah...you rock. Go Erica! :)
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