So I was wrong

I had been telling people for the past few weeks that I had decided Kent just wasn't going to get any teeth, ever, and that I'd have to start looking into baby dentures soon. I planned to be pleasantly surprised if teeth ever did show up, but I'd stopped expecting them, because it seemed like it was just taking so long. (My mom tells me she felt the same way about my potty training, apparently.) But I was wrong. He got teeth!

Tuesday morning, Jack alerted me to the presence of the first one, Kent's front bottom left tooth. A few days later, the front bottom right one started poking out as well. They're sharp but just barely over the surface of his gums, so they're hard to see, but once they're more visible, I'll try to take a picture. =) He hasn't bitten me while nursing yet, but I'm much more reluctant to give him my knuckle to chomp on now. He's broken my skin once already. But lessening of teething pain mitigates any flesh wounds I might incur.

I'm hoping against hope that his sleep might finally get back to the 7- and 8-hour stretches he was giving us until Thanksgiving, when he seemed to forget how to sleep. He hasn't gotten completely back on track since. Maybe he'll have trouble sleeping long into his childhood, but maybe, just maybe, he'll start sleeping better again soon. We shall see.




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