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I'm so excited about Super Tuesday. I'm more excited than I was about the Super Bowl (which isn't hard) or about Mardi Gras (which is a bit more notable). I was off to a rough start with our extra-long campaign season, not feeling that I had the mental energy to commit to a candidate two or three years ago when the campaign buzz got up and running. I wasn't sure I could tag along for the entire marathon. Now that the field of candidates has narrowed and I've had more of a chance to think about their positions and envision each of them as the president, though, my level of engagement with the whole thing is greatly augmented.

I see our choices as sort of a rock-paper-scissors arrangement at this point. First, the Republicans: just say "NO" to Romney. He's too slick and annoys me a lot. Huckabee is an interesting guy, and I wouldn't mind seeing him as president, even though we agree on virtually none of the issues. I think he has a good mind for making decisions and knows how to be diplomatic, something we sorely need. But I don't think he'll come close to winning the nomination. Then, there's McCain. He's been around forever, and I like him no less than I did in 2000 — possibly a bit more, since I've had a chance to get to know him on The Daily Show, and as with Huckabee, how a person does on The Daily Show has a lot to do with how I feel about him/her. I'd like for McCain to get the nomination.

Now for the rock-paper-scissors part. I've been undecided between Clinton and Obama for a while now, but I considered their chances against the Republican frontrunners the other night for the first time, and I think that helped. Clinton is leading Obama right now, and my first inclination a year ago would have been to vote for her. However, I think McCain would beat her to a pulp in the general election. Obama, though, is an exciting candidate who I think has an excellent chance of defeating McCain (and Romney, for that matter, but I think either of them could beat Romney). So... Clinton beats Obama if we believe the current national polls. McCain beats Clinton. Obama beats McCain. Rock-paper-scissors.

I'm going with Obama, because while I've loved Clinton's intellect and feistiness since the 90s, she's very polarizing, and more importantly, I've been dismayed to see her sink into the mud with her detractors and lose a bit of herself. She'd still be a fantastic leader, and it's hard to describe how electrifying it is for me to imagine a woman president. But still, I have to go with Obama. His plans for improving health care and attacking poverty are inspiring, and his intellect and charm give him the capacity to win back some favor abroad with all the people who used to be our friends but are now like, "Dude, what HAPPENED to you??"

So I'll be glued to CNN tomorrow night as the results from all 24 of the Super Tuesday states come in. I won't stay up for the California tally, because that's just too late for me to be awake, but a lot of the results will likely be in (or will have been "called" by CNN) by the time I'm ready to head to bed. Our primary is on Saturday — isn't it just like Louisiana to be a few minutes late to the party? There's a thing down here called "Louisiana Time," which runs only marginally ahead of "New Orleans Time," so I guess our primary is on Louisiana Time. Still, it's going to be a thrilling week.




Interesting, it's nice to see your thoughts. I've been thinking the same things about Obama/Clinton and you articulated them nicely for me - thanks! :-) I would be happy with either, and either would be a milestone. But you're right, Clinton IS polarizing and no one will be able to get anything done if we're polarized, and Obama is just downright inspirational. I think this country needs some inspiration now (errr, yesterday).
Woohoo! And now Romney is outtie!! He creeped me out.
I feel the same way you do, but think I am still behind Clinton though it's an either/or is great situation for me. I tend to like Clinton's views on issues more than Obama's except for when it comes to the environment (and true, he is very inspirational). My gut tells me that backing Clinton will eventually be like staying on a sinking ship, but I still think she's the one for me.
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