Eating so well

Saturday was a good eating day — one of the best we've had in a while. We started the day with some toast made from WHO bread (found on SouleMama), which is definitely the best bread-machine wheat bread I've ever made. Yum. Since toast doesn't last very long in our tummies, we had leftover pasta for second breakfast, and then after Kent's short nap and Jack's mow of the crazy lawn, we went to Jason's Deli for lunch. I can't get enough of that place. I had half a sandwich, some fruit, and a salad from the salad bar (which Jack usually makes into a whole meal by itself), and I was so full of nutritious things that I wanted to explode.

They have the best red pepper hummus, especially good on their flatbread crackers that have all kinds of seeds on them. Kent even ate a couple of tiny dollops of hummus from my finger. His first hummus ever. We were so proud. He seemed to like it, which doesn't always happen the first time he tastes something. Kent also started on peaches and broccoli this weekend, both of which went reasonably well. Next on our list for him to try is yogurt-- I'm going to mix plain yogurt with some of the fruits he likes, probably bananas or pears first, then others. Wish us luck with our foray into dairy.

We were pretty full and just wanted a smallish, simple dinner on Saturday night, so we made French bread pizzas with some of our leftover whole-grain bread from Target. We finished the excellent eating day with delicious homemade ice cream that I had just crafted that morning: an Indian-inspired ice cream with vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, mango, and cashews. The mango was a little too subtle, so I'll probably add more next time, and possibly some ginger for a more complex flavor profile. (I'm laughing at myself even as I use the words "complex flavor profile". I'm such a Bobby-Flay-a-holic.)

Now I'm about to dive into a raspberry Italian soda in my Harmony Smurf glass (yes, of the old school Smurf glasses) and a barbecue chicken pizza from the freezer. Oh, is that a little boy I hear babbling on the monitor? Story of my life. =)

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You know, I tried goat's milk yogurt before I tried cow's milk yogurt. Goat's milk is apparently a little easier to digest.

I LOVE yogurt. It's the convenience of bought baby food, without being bought baby food. know what I mean? haha.

What a yummy day. I miss Louisiana in March.
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