R. Kent, Storm Chaser

While Kent and I were waiting for the big storm to hit us yesterday afternoon, we went outside to enjoy the last warmth and sunshine I expected to see for a few days. The wind whipped up all kinds of leaves and things off the ground, and it roared up and down the street through the trees. Kent was totally fascinated. I think he'll study meteorology. We have to get him hooked up with Don, or Katherine's fiancé's sister Erica, so he can learn all about squalls and cold fronts and jet streams.

I had gotten all ready to hole up in our bathroom in case there was a tornado, but luckily, nothing much hit us except a lot of rain and wind and a bit of thunder. My desire to plan ahead has exploded since his birth; I keep thinking things like, "Okay, if we have to sit in the bathroom, I'll need x, y, and z," or "I have to pack three different kinds of spare outfits in his diaper bag since the weather is so unpredictable," or "What if we have a hurricane this summer and lose power? Where are we going to go?" I'm not a freak-out worst-case-scenario kind of girl, but some greater degree of caution is necessary when one has a dependent. It's sort of staggering.




Omigosh! I think Storm Chaser is my favorite possible career so far. Don is going to be really excited that Kent likes storms so much! Lol. I think we're getting the storms that you just weathered up this way. Hopefully we won't have a tornado, but they keep throwing that word around. You plan baby clothes, I try to figure how I can herd three cats into the downstairs bathroom. =P
I second the vote for this career. ;) Just make sure he comes up with a better motto than "Nelson Knows!"
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