9 months

Kent is 9 months old today. He's now been out of my belly for as long as he was in.

I've been thinking a lot in these past few months about things that I consider vital to raising my son, so here are some noteworthy items for your consideration:

The moral: Less is more, except when it comes to books. =)




aack! The more I read about plastic, the more it freaks me out. I need to weed out the baby toys.

Yay! I love Mothering. I was just on there last night.

Have a fun time in Atlanta. Glad you're finding some books. You'll use board books for awhile. E still likes them at almost 3yo (and still tears apart flap books *groan*)

(I heard that same story on NPR not too long ago)
I JUST returned some books to the library that had been manhandled by my children. I'm not sure who the guilty party is, although I suspect it could be all three of them. I sat by the book return trying to plaster the plastic pocket back onto the back, doing my best to make Thomas the Train presentable again. Then last night I saw one of those little blue check out cards laying on my floor. Arg. I need to quit going to the library until everyone is at least 12.
The thrift stores here always have huge amounts of children's books. You may try there in Baton rouge...
For a charity for Kent to support, I would recommend Heifer Project International. He could purhcase chicks, honey bees, or contribute toward the purchase of a larger animal to be donated in a third world country. His daddy can tell you about Heifer Project. www.heifer.org. Kent's Aunt Anilia has a scar on her lower lip from helping to herd HPI goats! Grandma A
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