Breakfasts, Solo and Not

We were all up at 6:30 this morning, as usual, but I'm really starting to long for the days when we'll be able to sleep in again. I remember when my mom was single and she'd make me a little container with Cheerios and my vitamins on top for Saturday mornings so that she could sleep a little late while I watched some TV... and I'm all for whatever helps a mom get through the day. =) I wonder when Kent will be old enough for that.

To combat our fatigue, we breakfasted on bacon (okay, that was me), coffee, and blueberry pancakes with applesauce. Kent had peaches and yogurt. Yum. Something about syrup and blueberry pancakes doesn't sit well with me, and our applesauce solution turned out to be healthier and deliciouser, so it was great. I used to put applesauce on whole-wheat pancakes when I was younger — that was my favorite breakfast to make for myself when we had a teacher workday or I was otherwise home by myself. Geez, lots of solo breakfasts being recalled here... this makes me sound like a totally lonely kid. I wasn't. There is something nice about having a quiet breakfast alone, though I don't remember the last time I actually did that. It was probably a few days before Kent was born.

One morning this week, I wanted an omelet, and when I opened the cheese drawer, I saw the provolone, I saw the pepperoni, and I thought, "A pepperoni omelet... why not?" It was surprisingly good.

Unique breakfast solutions are fun.




Mmm. I made pancakes this morning. But just plain ones. E helped.

He is ALMOST to the point where he can make himself a waffle. he can reach the freezer, he can reach the toaster. He knows where to put the waffle and how to press the toaster thingy down. aaaaalmost there. heehee.
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