DJ Funky Kent

Kent's current favorite toy is my old boom box, which I got as a Christmas present (I think from my grandparents) around 7th grade. It still works, but only just — I think only the radio part is still good. The tape deck definitely doesn't work, and the CD player will still spin CDs sometimes, but it has considerable trouble skipping tracks, and forget about playing burned CDs on it. It came from an era wayyyy before that was necessary. So we're not too worried about his playing with it, since not too much else can go wrong with it, and it's more of a decorative conversation piece in our living room than a functioning stereo. His favorite part is the door that pops up to put the CD in; he just keeps banging it closed and opening it again. We think he wants to spin some tunes.

He also has discovered our CD towers, and he keeps pulling down Bruce Springsteen's The Rising (which isn't too bad... I got it for free when I worked at Borders) and a CD of love songs by Sting that was free with a purchase at Victoria's Secret. The Sting CD has never been opened. I hope this is simply a consequence of the fact that those CDs are easy for him to reach and isn't a sign of his future musical tastes.

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