Goat Day

Friday was Goat Day. A mom in one of my meetups hosted an event at her house for the kids to come play with her brother's baby goats, and it seemed like a fun and safe way for Kent to get to know some animals besides our cats (who generally run away from him) and the odd dog or duck we've encountered in the past.

Kent loves animals. Especially furry ones that he can grab. And these baby goats, named Salt and Pepper, were all too happy to oblige. They raced around the yard at times, especially when the toddlers ran after them and tried to corner them, but they were great about letting a non-running person pet them. They amused us further by attempting to eat the dress of one of the little girls there, and she kept saying, "Stop, goat! Don't eat my dress!"

Here you can see Kent grabbing a handful of goat, as he often tries unsuccessfully to do with our cats. He squealed with laughter, the other moms cracked up, and the goats just went on bleating happily in their goaty little way.

I think is my new favorite picture of the two of us. (Incidentally, I'm wearing my holey jeans, which I have decided will remain my holey jeans instead of having some sort of fancy technique inflicted upon them.) We had such fun. I love my little boy.




I love the goats!!! Kent and I are going to have a goat adventure one day, I can feel it in my bones!
So adorable! I love Kent at the farm. I keep imagining him with a gaggle of chicks or ducklings. <3
What a great picture of you two! Kent is looking more like a little boy (rather than a baby) with each set of pictures you post, though he still has that adorable baby face. Too cute!
Ooh, ooh! We have a goat in our neighborhood! A retired music teacher has an adult goat (with horns) and lots of hens & roosters, and he said we should feel free to let the dogs visit them, if they're interested. Of course, I also asked about grandchildren visits, and he said it would be fine, of course. (I've brought "Billy" several bags full of wild onions that I've been uprooting from our rock bed, and he's accepted them enthusiastically.)

Also, Ashley Farms is a stand within walking distance, and they have a little petting zoo set up. (The Ashley family farm is behind their farm stand, so the animals are there all the time, not just when the stand is open.)

I'm (obviously) way behind reading your blog, but I'm catching up now. Can't wait for your visit in a couple of weeks!

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