Kent Has the Musics

I discovered (or perhaps confirmed) today that Kent can match pitch. Annie Beth (college friend, music therapist, mom extraordinaire) started me thinking about pitch exercises when she mentioned doing interval matching with her kids, the youngest of whom is only a few months older than Kent. It took him a few tries, but when he was already vocalizing (i.e., shouting his baas and goos), I started singing one pitch over and over, and he actually worked his way to that pitch. After a while, I changed the pitch, and he seemed to be able to tell and worked his way to the new pitch. What an awesome trick. We even did it for Jack to hear when he got home this afternoon. I'm totally blown away that a 10-month-old can match pitch, when I've taught college music majors who can't even do it (mostly percussionists... sorry, Lisa).

I say "perhaps confirmed" because I remember a day when he was three or four months old and we were driving around, and I noticed that he was vocalizing to the same pitch that the car was humming. I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence or what, but it might have been an early sign of his good ear. Or maybe it was a coincidence. Either way, I know it's true now.

Now, if I can just harness these powers for good... hehe. This kid needs some instruments.

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My kids are going to be so deprived. We're both tone deaf and have no rhythm. Maybe your mom can test them this weekend. Otherwise, you'll have to offer online courses. :)
That's great! I really do think some people are just born with a better ear. Poor Ben takes after his Daddy and kind of yells in monotone when he's "singing", but we've seen some promise with the girls. Have fun with Kent. Fill a Quaker Oats container with some beans and turn it into a shaker or something. Or do the same thing with two paper plates stapled together facing each other and let him decorate the plates before hand. Fun times.
Ouch for the percussionist comment and all the more reason Kent's special powers could be used to create a more harmonious percussion community! I say give the boy some drums...I've got plenty of egg shakers if you think it would be safe for him to have them. I always love reading your posts.
That's so awesome! I remember you talking about the first possible pitch-matching in the car. You should post a video of Kent's pitch-matching on kentangert.com. Next up: harmonizing! Add in Jack and you could do all sorts of fun chords together. Watch out, Singing Von Trapp family, here come the Singing Angerts! :-)
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