The Strep Got Me

Yuck. It started Monday night, and I'm feeling much better today, but yesterday was insane. I had what felt like a migraine, on top of a sore throat, nausea, and acheyness/tenderness on every single part of my body. I felt so unlike myself, it was kind of Twilight-Zone-esque. Jack stayed home to help, since I could barely hold Kent, I wanted to sleep (even though I was uncomfortable in every position), I felt nauseated for most of the day and couldn't eat much of anything, and my head was about to split open. I didn't know what was wrong, but after we went to the doctor for a diagnosis and some good drugs, he told us I was still contagious so Jack should be in charge of Kent. And no kissing anybody. I have to report that it's very hard not to kiss one's baby.

I saw a doctor at the walk-in clinic, since my former doctor left this practice (only I never found that out), and he was great. I haven't seen a male doctor since I was a teenager, but I liked him a lot. The main thing that impressed me was that he was all set to give me a shot of penicillin in the butt (yee-ha), but when I asked whether there was an alternative treatment that would allow me to keep breastfeeding safely, he looked in his little book and found an antibiotic and an allergy medicine (for drainage) that would be safe. I'm sure there are doctors out there who would have told me I just needed to stop breastfeeding while I was sick, so I appreciated the fact that he respected how important it was to me.

Anyway, after a nice long night in bed by myself with Jack and the baby monitor in the guest room, I woke up feeling about 90% better today. My throat is still kind of sore, but I'm not achey (which makes a *world* of difference), and my head isn't splitting open anymore. I am feeling a little swimmy in the head and need to take breaks pretty often, so Jack stayed home again today to manhandle our crazy little boy. I'll probably take a couple of naps, but I'm just so relieved to feel better that it's almost like Second Trimester Superwoman Syndrome, just on a smaller scale.




I hope you feel better soon! John also had The Strep earlier this spring, at the same time we had a houseguest. A houseguest is not nearly as time and labor intensive (or kissable) as a baby though, so I'm glad Jack is around to help you take care of things.
I hate to hear that you have been sick and I can only imagine that it adds another level of complexity with Kent. Feel better soon!
Oh no, sorry to hear you're sick! I had some crud last week too. Feel better soon!

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I will call ya later today. :-)
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