Where's Your Money Going?

Seriously. I want to know. How are you going to spend your economic stimulus money, those of you who are getting it?

I have mixed feelings about the whole getting-further-into-debt-to-stimulate-our-economy thing, but as long as they're sending us money and we can't do anything to stop them, we'll spend it.

Our plans are as follows:
  1. Buy me a laptop to replace Sputnik, who's turning 10 this summer. Since my beloved Sputnik is a Toshiba Satellite and has miraculously lasted 10 years, I have decided that Toshiba is the Honda of the laptop world and am getting another Toshiba. Apple people, hush. I'm just not an Apple person.
  2. Sign a new cell phone contract so we can get new "free" phones, then use some of this money to pay the silly activation fee. We're getting the laptop and the phone deal from Newegg, Jack's favorite site to find great technology deals.
  3. Use what's left to pay off credit card debt. Yes, we are among the millions of twenty-somethings out there with credit card debt. And we don't like it.
So what are you using your money for? You can leave an anonymous comment if you wish to keep your identity secret, but I really want to know what actual people are using the money for, not just what economists and NPR analysts *think* people are using the money for.




Also, Kent's share is going into his 529, a portion of which will be matched by the state, so more free money.
We love newegg too! John has a shirt from there that says, "Extreme indoor enthusiast." It's one of my favorites.

We're also going to put some money toward debt. I think next in line is our travels back home, and pet stuff--the birds need new toys and in some cases better cages.
Helping to pay the taxes we just paid.... I feel like it is a big game, I write the Feds a check, then they write me a smaller check... Oh well!
I'm growing tired of the pitter patter of critters in the attic. And given the age of our home, a new roof and wood stuff (soffets, eaves, whatever you call it) is in order. I wish I could spend it on something more extravagant but shelter is a necessity and this will help with the cost.
Considering we're on the other side of the world, I'm having trouble determining if we're getting anything (that's part of Zack's duties in our relationship), but if we do, it will almost certainly go into savings (for the time being) and may be eventually into plane tickets home.
That said, I've been downloading news podcasts in a desparate attempt to hear about something other than the election, and both the CNN one and BBC one did polls in the US about what people were planning to do with it. Most of the people they put into the podcasts were either spending it frivolously or putting it towards credit card debt.
Credit card debt. And perhaps a planty or two, but mostly cc.
yeah I'm with you, I don't know how I feel about it all. This is a tough one for me. I have a long list of things I want to get a in order to get a business idea up and running, so I would like to spend the check on that. I guess I am investing in myself. Also as a single person, I don't think I'm getting a very big refund so I may not have as much money to spend, but hey, it's more then I have right now.
I guess ours is going to the new eco-friendly, front-loading machine we bought about a month ago. We found a deal and decided to spring for it then instead of waiting. It's already paid for, but that meant we couldn't save that money that month, so it's technically going into savings but conceptually is paying for the washing machine. There should be a little left over after that, so that will probably go toward new gardening supplies for the community garden plot that we finally got (after being on the waiting list since 2005!).
qdAs Don said, we got hit hard by Uncle Sam this year with all of his consulting that he has been doing this past year - which is all untaxed. Ouch. We were expecting it, but still. Dang. We also have the evil credit card debt so the *actual* stimulus check will most likely go to help alievate that. But really, it's going back to Uncle Sam, since we paid our taxes online and hence, used our credit cards. Sheesh.
It will probably go to the house in some form. We can either throw it on the mortgage, or we can use it for the landscaping/fence/new lawnmower. In theory, we should probably be saving it to send Ben to some kind of preschool next year to prepare him for kindergarten.
We traded checks with IRS.
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