Birthday Photo Essay

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I've been thinking about you all day! It looks like you've had a lovely day.

The toes pic is my fave. *heart!*
Ooo, I love your hair! Post more pictures of it - it looks fabulous! Cool idea for a post, BTW. :-) Happy birthday & much love!

P.S. It occurred to me the other day that if you get a new laptop (shall we call it, Sputnik II?) and it lasts 10 years like version 1 did, Kent will be in LATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (age 10, almost 11 - 5th grade I guess) by that time. :-O Whoa.
That was great. Good photography, artistic eye. I agree that we need more pictures of the hair.
Yes I loved the photos and the hair!!!
Happy Birthday
Yeah for Birthdays!!!!
The hair rocks! I absolutely love it! Shopping with Kent looks like fun too and he got some new shoes out of the deal. And Starbucks makes everyone happy. I think you had an awesome birthday all the way around. Way to go!
Happy birthday..a day late. I love the hair, the boys, the toes look so happy.
Happy Birthday!! I love all the family pictures. <3 Is that bag reversible?
Love the photo essay, great way to relay your day!
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