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Often when I think of Mother's Day, I picture a grey-headed woman sitting down to an expensive brunch with her grown children, a pillbox hat on her head and a rather large corsage pinned to her pink linen suit. Obviously, none of those things is exactly me. And yet here I am, celebrating Mother's Day myself for the first time.

After Kent woke up and had a good eat, Jack whisked him away to the living room so that I could get some more sleep. He had the coffee brewing when I got up, and then he made me an omelet (after he asked whether I wanted him to attempt one). He also tells me that there's a professional massage in my future. What a good husband.

Kent has been having some extra frets in the past couple of days, partially, we think, because he's kind of stopped up and needs to poop. But he had some applesauce with Jack while I was sleeping, had a bit of playtime with us after I woke up, and then went down rather easily for his morning nap before church. What a good boy.

Instead of going to an expensive brunch place, we're planning to hit India's after church, where we celebrate all our major "holidays" by stuffing ourselves with saag, vegetable korma, basmati rice, naan, and kheer; we've been there to celebrate Jack's exams, my master's graduation, Kent's baptism, family coming into town, and good Saturdays. Really, any excuse will do.

Taking a cue from SouleMama, I'm trying harder to notice the little joys of motherhood as they happen, so my Mother's Day present to myself will be things like smelling Kent's head. I got a rare treat just now; I got to wake him up from his nap so that we could go to church. There's very little in this world that is more beautiful than my son in the moment before he wakes up.

I wish extra little joys to all of you moms out there. Happy Mother's Day!

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I love SouleMama's blog. Thank you for posting that.

Happy Mother's Day to you!
I know I was thinking it is your very first Mother's Day! Happy Mothers day!!!
I'm not really sure about a pink linen suit but I know you should be rocking a little pill box hat! Happy Mother's Day! Hugs all around.
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