Looking at the Violets

Jack and I got our new his-and-hers phones this week (here's hers, and here's his). I just got mine charged up last night and started playing with it this morning, and one of the first things I did was take pictures with the camera (!) to set as my phone's wallpaper. I learned very quickly that this is not the best camera to photograph moving things, like Kents, but it works fine for non-moving things, like violets. So my African violet plant, which came from my grandmother's collection several years ago and which I've managed to keep alive this long, is my new wallpaper. It isn't this exact picture, because I haven't yet learned how to transfer pics from my phone to the computer (I'm SO not a read-the-manual kind of girl), but I took some other pictures of it with our regular camera to post here.

This is definitely my favorite houseplant. Its simple beauty makes me feel very cozy and reminds me of my grandmother (whose name is also Violet) every time I look at it. It's been flourishing lately, popping out blooms left and right. I think it enjoys being on this little table by itself next to the window, where it gets a good view of our front yard.

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Bless Grandma Vi. They are lovely.
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