Things I did today

  1. Punk'd my husband
  2. Made another Kent video — this time with titles and editing and stuff
  3. Strolled blissfully up and down the aisles of World Market, where I fantasize about trying all their imported dark chocolates, and resisted the urge to buy a whole bunch of presents for Kent, then made a mental note to come back when I have money (seriously, their toy selection is full of wooden stuff, instruments, knitted animals, etc., and it's all fairly cheap!)
  4. Marveled at the deliciousness of True North pistachio crisps, which the whole family is currently enjoying
  5. Marveled at the deliciousness of my little boy on this day, a week before he starts daycare (sigh)
  6. Baked my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from 1000 Vegetarian Recipes, then decided I really ought to try baking them on parchment next time to see if they won't fall apart
  7. Took a walk after dinner with Jack and Kent, relishing the warm-but-not-sweltering May weather and knowing it would probably be months before we took a neighborhood walk again (sigh again)

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Love the video, and I'm impressed at the titles! Kent is too cute. :-)
yay for video!!
I know something that should be on your list for today....

Watching the season finale of LOST!!!
You can take walks in OUR neighborhood in just a week -- YEA! We have highs predicted at 81-82 while you're here.
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