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Kent's birthday is next Thursday, July 3, so if you're planning to send him a birthday card, now would be an excellent time to do that. =) Of course, if it's late, he won't know. But WE WILL. Ha. Just kidding. I'm just about the worst person for remembering birthdays, so I won't judge.

Also, a query: I think Kent is ready to start drinking whole cow's milk at one or two meals a day. Do I just give it to him straight the first time, or should I mix it with some breastmilk to ease the transition for his tummy? Advice or comments would be helpful. Not a huge deal either way, I'm sure, but I couldn't really find any relevant info in a quick search around the internet.




No clue on the milk question (no surprise there!). However, today I just sent something for his birthday - it should be there in 2-3 days, so Mon or Tues. Yay first birthdays!
I started mixing regular milk into NCP's formula. I think 1 oz milk, 4 oz formula, something like that. We instantly knew right away that he was not going to be able to handle it. He was fine going to soy instead and to this prefers soy over regular even though he outgrew the lactose thing.
As for the birthday boy, no worries it's in the mail. I survived 2 trips to the post office in 2 days. ;)
The card has been signed and sealed for several days now, but has not yet made it into the mail. I will try to do that tomorrow. Speaking of cards, I enjoyed my lovely birthday card. How professional looking. Our home made cards are usually a piece of printer paper folded in half, decorated with crayon scribbles.
oh where do we mail stuff to, I don't know your snail mail!
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