Day 2: The Day He Napped

Not in the crib. Not falling asleep by himself. He fell asleep in the arms of the teacher, after she picked him up because he was crying and none of the other kids were falling asleep. He only slept for 20 minutes, and then one of the teachers took him out of the room to hang out with him while the other kids slept. But still, he napped at school. We're on the road to shalom here.

I could tell when I left him this morning, after about 25 minutes of sitting on the rug with him and trying to help him relax, that he was going to fare better today. He cried when he realized I was going to leave, though it wasn't as desperate as yesterday, and he continued this off and on throughout the day like yesterday, but it lasted for much less time. I heard that he even giggled a bit for those who chose to tickle him. When I came to pick him up this afternoon, he didn't start crying as soon as he saw me; he just lit up and reached for me, but not in a "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!" kind of way. I was so happy. He was happier, too.

S (we'll just abbreviate here), his main teacher, said that she wasn't going to pick him up for his naps every time, and when we were leaving, she said, "Alright, next week, we're going to break you of that!" I'm not sure how she plans to do that, exactly. I know she won't just let him cry, because nobody would get any sleep that way, but she must have some sort of magical plan. I'll talk to her about it every day to see how things progress.

In other news, Kent's gross motor development is coming along swimmingly. I guess it's being around all those toddlers, but I noticed just now that his one-hand-assisted walking is so much better than it was even just a couple of days ago. When I tried holding just one of his hands earlier this week, he would take one or two steps and reach wildly for my other hand, but just a minute ago, I got him to take 20 or so little steps before he finally got frustrated and sat back down. It's amazing, though. S is big on having non-walkers walk with assistance, rather than carrying them around everywhere, and I think that must be contributing to his stability and independence. Cool, huh? He really is learning things at school.




yay! I am so happy today was better.
Wahoo! We knew this would be difficult...but the rewards are great, especially the I love you hugs when you return. Mom A
Better to do this now, I guess. I just took Ben to a screening to get into a 4 year old program in the fall. He was one of the few kids crying in his mother's arms. I'm all apologetic "Sorry, he's never been to preschool," etc. etc. Meanwhile, this other little kid in glasses is lecturing us on how much fun school is. "It's lot's more fun than your house." Looks like we'll be starting the journey to independence soon.
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