Long Saturday

Bed soon.

We went to the farmer's market downtown this morning. It's always a fun time, especially with fruits and vegetables of every color surrounding us in the summertime. We decided on blueberries, okra, and tomatoes, and reluctantly passed up peaches and eggplant (Indian, Japanese, OR regular ol' American) because we hadn't brought enough cash. Silly us. We ran into the family of one of the little boys in Kent's class, which was kind of funny because I only recognized the kid, not his parents or older brother, and I just walked up to him in his stroller and said, "Hi, Finley!" We talked to his parents for a couple of minutes and then headed out, since we were done shopping and wanted to get Kent home for his morning nap.

There was napping by Kent and mowing of the yard by Jack, and then we went out to lunch at an awesome restaurant that used to be right next to campus until they had to move to make way for new condos. We hadn't been to their new location yet, but on a whim decided to check it out, and we left with happily full bellies a little while later. Any meal that starts with fried green tomatoes and ends with chocolate pecan cheesecake can't be that bad... and the stuff in the middle was pretty good, too. Jack had an open-faced roasted veggie sandwich, and I had some tomato basil pasta with shrimp. Kent mainly ate applesauce but also tried his first shrimp, cut into little pieces, and he kept wanting more, so we'll call that a success. Shellfish: check.

We swung by the library after lunch so that I could look for a couple of books on Montessori, an educational philosophy I'm interested in knowing more about, at least to help give our days at home some structure. Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf are all these sort of mysterious, magical philosophies (to me, at this point) that I've decided to research further... not that I'm planning to homeschool Kent, because I don't think that would work for us, but just to understand better what's out there as an alternative to more common educational approaches.

I also picked up Pantley's No-Cry Potty Training Solution to do some pre-reading about potty training. I figure it can't hurt us to be laying the foundation for that now, in case it makes things easier/quicker/less traumatic down the road. As stubborn as he can be about change, though, I'm not holding out a lot of hope. Like I said, pre-reading.

The rest of my day was spent making tacos for dinner and then eating them, in between rounds of cutting and applying fusible web to a bunch of green fabrics for a couple of banners we're making at our church this week. Everyone in the congregation is picking a word that they think describes their experience at our church, or just what they love about it, and all the words are going onto these banners that will hang in the front of the church during part of the year. A lot of the green fabrics I'm bringing are from my grandmother's and great aunt Irene's quilting stashes, and I recognize many of them from quilts, clothing, etc. that the two of them made over the decades. It's a fantastic cycle, this passing on of fabrics that already have a history, going to some other project and helping to tell someone else's story. (And hey, did you know that you can buy fusible web BY THE YARD instead of in those expensive little packages? Rock!)

Kent was having a particularly rough time during dinner, not at all interested in the avocado mixture we tried to feed him and preferring instead to spit it out, complain, and turn his face different shades of red. It started to rain as we were finishing our meal, and it seemed like the kind of evening when we just all needed to play in the rain before bathtime, so we did. Jack and I took turns holding Kent out in the rain while the other ran up and down the driveway and did silly things, and then we held him up to our Japanese magnolia tree so that he could touch the wet leaves. He really liked that part and kept grabbing at them, then laughing as water droplets bounced off his face. After his bath and some quick stories, he went to bed more easily than he has all week.

And thus our long Saturday is concluded. Jack is still at our other computer, giggling about web comics. I think we just need sleep.

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You can get fusible web by the yard?? Where?
Most any cloth store.
Hooray for playing in the rain! (I resolved long ago to keep a coif that sustains only momentary damage from wind and/or water.)
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