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One of the coolest sites I visit from time to time is Overheard in NY, a blog that features random bits of conversations that people overhear in New York City. Warning: a lot of the most recent ones are sexually explicit, though I don't remember that normally being the case. They're usually either hilarious or they make me cringe, or sometimes both. Since we were in Manhattan over the weekend when we visited Mom and Bill, we now have our own little contribution.

We were in Greenwich Village, having lunch at A Salt & Battery (where Bobby Flay was soundly defeated in a Fish & Chips Throwdown) and then making a pilgrimage to Chelsea Market, an indoor food market where the Food Network also has its headquarters. Besides these landmarks, Greenwich Village is also known for being a gay-friendly neighborhood, with rainbow flags everywhere, for example.

I was looking in a shop window when Jack, looking out toward the sidewalk, said, "I think those guys are on the same team." Of COURSE my first thought was that he was making a lighthearted joke about seeing a gay couple. I looked at him kind of quizzically, asked who he was talking about, and then realized that he was really talking about a group of guys who were wearing matching uniforms. Actually on the same team. We had a good chuckle.

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