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First: a haircut! I cut Kent's hair last night with Jack's help, since our boy tends to be quite the wiggle monster. This was my first time cutting anyone's hair, except when I tried to help a friend in college cut the hair on the back of his head with clippers, and his hair was so thick that I kept getting the clippers stuck. Not the best experience to build on, but I think I did okay this time. The nice thing about his curls, other than the fact that they make him even more delicious than he would ordinarily have been, is that they hide my amateur-level barber skill. Plus, it's hair, so you know, it grows back.

I'll probably keep cutting it myself for a while, since I was learning as I went yesterday and I already understand how to do it better than when I started. Luckily, his classmates can barely talk yet, so they're unlikely to make fun of him for having a bad at-home haircut. The real test will come later today when we go out, and I'll be able to see whether people still ask if he's a boy or a girl.

Also of note this week: Kent took a super-long nap at school on Wednesday. He went down around 1, and when I got there at 2:40 to pick him up, he was still asleep. I waited for about 10 minutes, and then I actually had to wake him up. I couldn't believe it. He didn't do quite so well yesterday, but he's adjusting fairly well to things there and will be a pro before long, I think.

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Jack, once he learned how to nap, was a two hour napper too. He usually was ready to go down for his nap between 12 and 2. Just after Anilia had gotten up from her nap.
Ahh, how I wish naps were standard for adults too. Isn't it cruel how kids never want to nap (but need to) and adults want to (but can't usually do so)? Kent's hair looks great, BTW!
People still asked if I was a boy or a girl until I was 20. Of course I did have pretty long hair there for a while. I was having lunch with my Grandmother once at Bob's Big Boys and an older gentleman came up to tell my Grandmother what a beautiful granddaughter she had. Looking back now I bet he was being a smartypants. Either way it was pretty funny.
Way to go, Erica. I cut male hair at my house as well, but I refuse to do girls. It still takes me forever to get the guys straight. I can't imagine how I would obsess over messing up girl hair.
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