3 signs in 3 days

Sunday: more. Still just clapping, but he's getting more confident every day about when to use it to tell us what he wants.

Monday: shrimp. He was eating some shrimp and vegetables, and when I asked if he wanted more shrimp, I happened to remember the sign, so I signed it. Make a fist, stick your index finger up, then wiggle your finger up and down. It's fun, right? Kent thought so too. His version is sticking his finger in the air and bouncing his whole hand up and down (no fine motor coordination on the finger bending yet), so it's really cute how it communicates all his excitement. He's been doing it a lot at non-shrimp-related times, so it's sort of like when he learns a new syllable and just keeps saying it over and over.

Tuesday: milk. Squeezing the fist like milking a cow. He does this one pretty well, though he's only done it a few times so far, and then with a LOT of prompting.

So basically his manual communication has exploded this week. It's gotten me even more excited about signing with him, so I'm looking things up online and we're watching more Signing Time from PBS to learn more and watch other kids sign, too.

Next up: Mom. I've been doing this one every chance I can get, but with no results from him so far. I think he thinks I'm waving at him. Still, I have hopes that he'll do the sign before he says "mama", and that would be just dandy.

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Yay! Way to go Kent!!
What a smartypants! We loved watching Signing Time, too. When of my faves was cow--fist on side front of forehead with pinky finger sticking out. Spaghetti is also fun but too complicated to write about. GL with Mom!--Heather
SO COOL! It's a signing explosion! Did I tell you that one of my research projects with a student this summer is on understanding of signs that resemble vs. don't resemble the things that they stand for? It's with 3-5 year-olds, but very related. If you capture signs on video one of these days, let me know - I have a "Kent" folder in my teaching resources folder for all of his videos! :-)
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