Brokeback Mountain

I just finished watching Brokeback Mountain. What an incredible love story. It's much more than that, of course, with its nuanced characters and social commentary/dialogue about homosexuality, but right now, I'm all caught up in the sad beauty of the love these characters shared. I'm feeling weepy and emotional.

I also feel like I'm mourning for the first time the passing of Heath Ledger, who overdosed a few months ago but who I didn't really know that much about at the time. He seemed to be a Hollywood pretty boy, so I never paid a lot of attention to him, but I've recently seen him in Monster's Ball — one of the most engrossing and well-constructed movies from start to finish that I've seen in a long time — and now this film, where he so totally owned the part he played that I had trouble holding onto the fact that he wasn't actually aging in real life as they shot the movie. He's just so good.

There are times when I see a movie and am so caught up in it by the end that I don't want to talk about it for a while, until I've had a chance to reflect. In fact, I've often found myself annoyed in the past by leaving a theater with friends or acquaintances who insist on discussing details of a movie, when all I want to do is think about it in silence. I was watching it by myself today, so Jack didn't watch the ending with me, but after I finished it this evening, he came over to see what was going on with me, since I looked "sad", as he put it. He sat down next to me in the quiet, dark living room and put his arm around me, and I just thought about the movie for about 15 minutes without either of us talking. I love that he gets me.




I have not seen Brokeback, but I have heard great things from it, story and cinematic wise. It is on my list.
Oh and I totally get what you are saying about wanting to absorb what you have seen, before talking about it.
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