Fertility: back with a vengeance

So after 9 months and 1 year, I'm fertile again. Woot. I kind of forgot how it works, how run-down I feel that first day, etc. Yesterday afternoon, I fed a craving with half a piece of chocolate cake at Barnes & Noble (the other half consumed by Jack). Today, my craving was for potato soup that would taste like a loaded baked potato, so I found and made this delicious chowder, leaving out the chicken stock and putting bacon on mine at the end instead of cooking with it. Also, since I can never follow a recipe exactly, I used green onions and red bell peppers instead of regular onions and green peppers, so it made a really colorful chowder (red peppers, orange carrots, yellow corn, and green onions), and I topped it with more green onions, cheddar cheese, and bacon for mine. We had it with some leftover pugliese bread from the store, the perfect accompaniment. Kent even had a few bites, which is saying a lot considering his general mood at dinner (i.e., a non-eating mood). Anyway, we've all been kind of off this weekend, but we're recovering. Time for early bed for our little boy, and then some relaxation time before I fall into bed as well.

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Y'know, I never really want chocolate except for during That Time.
Yeah, I never missed it.
Potato soup is the best! My favorite recipe is from the classic 70s vegetarian cookbook, The Vegetarian Epicure. I make it a potato-florentine soup by adding spinach. YUM.
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