First art

Behold, the fingerpainter extraordinaire:

It was a grand experiment that rocked, and Kent really threw himself into it, as you can see.

A few of the blobs are my fingerprints, made as I was showing him how to drag his fingers through the paint. We even utilized the all-important One Finger Touch, that we've been teaching him for petting cats gently, to paint more carefully than just dragging his entire hand through the stuff. If you look closely, you can see handprints, and my favorite are the streaks that are kind of white, where he dragged his fingernails through the wet paint. I can't wait to do more of this with him, especially as I'm able to teach him not to crinkle the paper or put it or his painted hands into his mouth. Hooray, nontoxic washable fingerpaints that come right out with water!

Can you believe he's already old enough to be creating art?

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So cool! I especially love the photos of him eating paint. I think your crafty side could really get into this - have him paint fabric that you make something out of, paint greeting cards, paint wrapping paper...the possibilities are endless. Have fun! :-)
Little people art is soooo fun!
oh fun! my mom has a classic story of me eating crayons when I was little(it only happened once), maybe that's where I got my talent from! So see Kents off to a great start!
I love the early pics with paint around the mouth! We had plenty of those.
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