Kent's second word:


  1. banana
  2. Hey, check out this awesome sound I can make over and over and over!
He was eating some banana pieces for a snack this afternoon, and I had just said "banana" a couple of times when he suddenly replied "nana!" and smiled. For several months, most everything around here has been a variation of "da" or "dada" with a few other phonemes thrown in there, so I guess we've moved into a new phase of communication where everything very much resembles a banana. For the record, there is a conspicuous lack of "mama" in his vocabulary thus far. Sigh.

Also, check out the crawling at the end of the video, a little digital keepsake for Grandma A, who asked us to tape his crawling down the hall because she loves the stomping sound and his boisterous enthusiasm. We keep the Roomba (vacuum robot) in the guest room behind a closed door, and you'll see Kent stop to make sure the door isn't perchance left open. He loves that Roomba and wants to go in the guest room any chance he gets, hence the closed door.

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I love it. Thank you Erica!
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