Paradigm shift

I can't believe that a year ago today I was still pregnant. And then a year ago tomorrow, I suddenly wasn't, and there was Kent.

I keep trying to write more about the ways in which he's changed me and challenged what I thought I knew about myself, but it's not coming out right. Maybe after I write his birthday card, I'll have something more coherent to say. I'm just brimming with love for this almost-one-year-old we brought into the world. We three feel so much love from all of you as well, even though most of you are a thousand miles away or more.

A chair in our living room has been taken over by presents and cards, a few of which he's gotten early as part of Birthday Hanukkah, but most of which he'll open tomorrow. I've been stoked about his birthday all day, wanting his day tomorrow to be full of fun and love from us and his grandparents, who are getting into town tonight.

I feel so very lucky. What a wonderful thing it is to have a child.




With tears in my eyes, I completely agree!
Happy Birthday little Kent! We wish we could be there to share the joy. I think our little package will arrive tomorrow to help with the extension of the festivities.

Hugs and love from us!
Happy Birthday Kent!!!!

I'm just so glad that we've been able to be a part of his life in some way, even if you are so far away!
Happy birthday, Kent!
The first two sentences of your post are beautiful and moving. I agree with Alice, I'm so glad that we can see him grow up (thanks to technology!), visit whenever we can, and be aunties from a distance.

Happy birthday to Kent! I will look forward to seeing photos of the festivities! :-)
as a side not:
Have you seen this? Fun for nothing on flicker
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