Summer fruit and clothing

O, Watermelon! How I do love thee in the summertime when thou art fresh and drippy with thy red juice.

I bought a small seedless watermelon yesterday, and even though Kent was delighted to have it as a new toy in the kitchen, particularly gigglesome when he was standing up and holding onto it, we cut into it last night. I've let watermelon go bad in the past when I knew it was in the fridge but didn't feel like slicing it (I'm a lazy snacker), so I decided to ball the whole thing, freeze half, and put the other half in the fridge for ease of snackability. The plastic handle on my melon baller, which was already cracked, gave out completely about halfway through the balling process, so I was just holding onto the skinny metal part that used to run through the plastic and hurting my hands a bit in the process. Stupid plastic. My minor blisters notwithstanding, I worked through the pain to finish the job, and we've been enjoying our yummy melon all day.

Even though I find it a little creepy that watermelons used to have seeds when I was a kid and now, suddenly, they don't anymore, I do enjoy the streamlined eating process that is uninterrupted by frequent spitting. Still, if I were eating watermelon on a picnic, I think I'd really miss the seed-spitting contests. It's too hot here to eat much of anything outside, though, so I don't have to worry about that. Also, I can give it to Kent safely without worrying about (1) picking through all of it before he eats it, or (2) a watermelon growing inside his stomach because he swallowed too many seeds. Ha.

Kent and I drove out to the outlets today for the first time in months, and I found a pair of chocolate brown capri pants (just above the knee, so maybe they really count as bermuda shorts) at the Aeropostale outlet for $6. All of their shirts seem to be made for skinny people with no boobs, so the shorts were it for me, but that was okay. I also got Kent a couple of clearance shirts and a pair of shorts for next summer from The Children's Place, and they were each about $3. I love clearance sales! I realized while shopping for him that if we're serious about starting potty training sometime in the next year, I can't buy him onesies for next summer. And yet, they make them in sizes up to 4T. I guess those are for the late potty trainers, or perhaps the kids who are really big for their age and who wear 4T at age 2. Curious.

Despite the heat, summer is looking good right now. As long as I don't drip watermelon juice on my new shorts.

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Watermelon is my absolute favorite food. I slice it all up in one sitting, de-rind it, and store it in a big container in the fridge. It's usually gone in a couple of days. Yea, the whole thing. ;-)

Dude, don't count the potty training chickens before they hatch. Just sayin'. Besides, E had all regular T's last summer.
We never have to worry about storing watermelon; it disappears the day we cut it open (and the watermelon eaters are thus woken up for potty breaks every couple of hours during the night).

I'm allergic to watermelons with seeds though, so was pretty ecstatic when the seedless variety started appearing with more frequency. I do agree though--it is kind of creepy that the seed-ful kind seems to be pushed back into extinction nowadays.
Yeah, the keyword with potty training is "starting". I just want him to have the option of pulling his pants down and going, though I harbor no delusions that it's going to be a snap to get him accident-free!
haha, yea, we call it Potty Awareness.
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