Veggie quiz

Anybody know what these are? I do, but I'll wait a little while before posting. All I'll say right now is that I had an adventure trying to figure out what I actually bought at the farmer's market and then how to cook it.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say BEANS.

Ok I know, what kind of beans? I don't know that. Let me know and of course how they taste and such. Always on the lookout for new yummy ingredients!
Some sort of bean...chickpeas maybe? Or cannellini beans? Now I'm dying to know! :-)
Purple-hulled peas! Woot! I cooked up a batch myself this week (probably got them from the same farmers's market stall you did).
That was an educational scavenger hunt. I heart Google!
This is my guess:
One purple variety of green bean is called Violet Podded, and it's a pole bean.They are best used raw. Once heat is applied to them they will lose their color (it bleeds out).
I also did Google purple hulled peas based on Christine's answer. There's a festival in Emerson AR! You guys should go for the cook off or even the pageant. It looks fun!
Just for the record, I disavow all knowledge of this post. Silly blogger left me logged in when E posted...

All will be revealed in time. Until then, I'll just say that they were pretty darn tasty!
Purple Hyacinth Beans.
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