We have a toddler!

Very exciting stuff, eh? Check Jack's blog for the second video in this two-part series...

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Way to go Kent!!!
P.S. I love that shirt on you!
We have that same cup. I never knew it had magical walking powers...
Toddler he is! Get ready Mom and Dad, running is coming! And he is so cute.
hehehe, YAY! The excitement in your voice made me giggle as much as watching Kent toddle to you. I can't wait to see the cutie pie in person, soon hopefully!
Yay, walking Kent! I love your voice when you say "oh my goodness"! The cats better watch out, because now he's going to be even faster when trying to grab them. :-)

Did I tell you about this super cute Sesame Street video of the baby honker learning how to honk? It's appropriate to Kent's newfound skill, as the adult honkers are trying to teach the baby how to honk and are so excited when he gets it. It's here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wlmq4gGr2V4
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