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I've uploaded my photos of our trip to Charleston, WV, to see my grandparents last week. I mentioned how taken I was with the careful placement of objects at the vacation house in New Hampshire where we gathered a few weeks ago; my grandmother's decorating also falls under the heading "careful placement of objects," though with a completely different design aesthetic than a nineteenth-century parsonage. Stopping to notice the objects in someone else's house gives me a great appreciation for who they are, even if it's somewhere (like my grandparents' house) that I've been dozens of times. When we got back from New Hampshire and I was underwhelmed by our own house, cluttered and unfocused as it is, I thought, "I wish someone would come photograph MY house, so that I could appreciate the details of it again." Then, of course, I realized that they'd never be able to find any carefully placed objects we might have, as they are all hidden behind piles of things. Sigh.

Charleston August 2008

You'll see several photos of my grandparents' yard and house, as well as shots of Kent with his relatives. It was a lovely visit all around, and a much-needed one, given my grandfather's declining health from Parkinson's Disease. He's been having some downright awful days these past few months, since things started to turn south with his disease, but he had some moderately good days while we were there, which was a blessing to all of us, I think.

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Loved the photos at Mimi's and Popop's.
Sorry I'm so late to comment.
Most of the visual memories I have of Mimi and Popop's house is of the basement where we spent hours playing hide and seek, ping pong, computer games, and reading the unabridged dictionary! Thanks for reminding me of the other neat places in their house that I had forgotten.
Oh - and sleeping on the sofa bed when you scratched me with your giant toenail while Morgan got the luxurious air mattress all to herself.
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