I need pencils

Well, more precisely, I need pencils that still have erasers left. Such is the recurring problem of a music analyst who finds herself sketching musical ideas and then erasing them furiously. Maybe I should invest in some of those pencils with fancy erasers that wind out, or the ones that come with replaceable erasers. Of course, that would make me like Jack, with his silly school-supply fetish.

Seriously, though, I feel the whole back-to-school thing very acutely this year, and I'm not even going "back" to school. My university is still happy to take my tuition money for my 3 dissertation hours, but the diss is a constant thing in my life now, not delineated by semester breaks. The diss doesn't take summers off, and thankfully, neither did my advisor, even though I wasn't technically registered. I'm itchy for fall, though. Something about knowing that football season approacheth makes me very eager to wear jeans and sweaters and study outside on a blanket and buy a new backpack, even though I use a tote bag now. I think I'm nostalgic for the student I used to be. I remember what it feels like to stroll through campus on a sunny autumn day, unencumbered by strollers and toddlers that are Far Too Noisy to take into the library, and find a nice piece of earth to plop down on for an hour or two of quality reading and analysis time. Having him in school two days a week will allow me to do this, sort of, though when I try to recapture that past student-hood and stroll nonchalantly, I never quite feel the part. I feel like I have a huge blinking sign over me that says, "I'm not really a student — I'm a MOM!" 19-year-olds in their lazily slung-on workout clothes and flip flops will eye me with a mixture of curiosity and revulsion.

I'm also nostalgic for cooler weather and can't wait to get outside with Kent now that he's walking and is noticing more about his surroundings. And pointing. We'll have nature walks and collect things to adorn our dining room table. Just not when it's still 85 or 90 degrees with 127% humidity. I wish fall didn't take so freaking long to get here in Louisiana. Around October, it'll be pleasant enough to be outside, and then it'll be downright lovely in November, when we'll probably have our windows open most of the time and the air inside our house will be fresh and tasty. Fall air is tasty.

What month is it now? Still August? Yeesh.

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yeah. that.

(but it's only 80 here today! woohoo!)

i tried nature walks a la soulemama, but E turns every stck and stone into a sporting device(??). *sigh*
I hear you too. I never wanted fall weather enough to say it out loud, but here I am, publicly affirming my desire for sweater-wearing. Perhaps it is the fault of learning to crochet...
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