Learning on vacation

Kent is now signing "potty". Amazing. We went in an airport bathroom stall yesterday, and he took one look at the toilet and wiggled his fist, clear as day. He's not making a "t" yet, but it's close enough for me to know that he knows exactly what he's doing. He's signed it several times since, either when he sees a toilet or sometimes just when we're going into the bathroom. I guess all the early potty talk from me and Jack is making an impact.

Also, when we were on the plane yesterday and I was trying hard to come up with new things to keep him entertained on my lap, he started reaching out to touch my nose. I let him one-finger touch my nose, said, "Mommy's nose!", then pointed his finger at his own nose and said, "Kent's nose!" This is only a slight modification of the game I played with him when he was a newborn, called Mommy Nose, Baby Nose. Anyway, we did that off and on throughout the day because he got such a kick out of it, and then today, when I was asking him offhand "Where's Mommy?", he looked at me, then pointed at his nose. Uh, okay. I guess I'm synonymous with his nose for the time being.

WV is great. This is another place where we can have the windows open all the time. Kent has been getting some major lovin' from my mom and grandparents, and he's also eating all of Mimi's cooking with great gusto. He had some brown rice and broccoli last night, some homemade tomato soup at lunch, and some pot roast, mashed potatoes, and carrots (mashed and mixed together) for dinner. What yummy cooking. We've been in kind of a funk lately with his eating, as he's getting very picky about texture and is usually not in the best mood to sit down and eat a meal, so this has been such a nice change, even if it's only temporary. I'm thinking, though, that it's about time to get a crock pot so that I can recreate the pot roast.

Pictures will come after I get home, but there are already some nice ones of him with my family. My grandmother had never read Goodnight Moon, so she read that with him, and he was delighted to help her turn the pages. Also, he's been delighted to close the dishwasher door for her, even when she's not quite ready for it to be closed. That's his favorite kitchen job. Even in an unfamiliar kitchen, he already knows how to close and open all the cabinets, drawers, and dishwasher. A chef in the making, I say. Maybe he'll start as a dishwasher and work his way up.

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I love the book Goodnight Moon! I grew up with it, and can't wait to share it with peanut. On a rather silly note, my Mom found a version called Goodnight Bush, where instead of looking for the little mouse you get to look for a little tiny Osama Bin Laden. LOL!
Crock pot cooking is so easy and delicious. There's nothing like coming home to a house that smells warmly of a slow-cooked meal, or watching/smelling it cook all day. Mine just broke recently (we dropped something on it, it wasn't a machine malfunction) and we're definitely replacing it soon!
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