Signing at (almost) 14 months

Kent has several signs in his vocab, though most of them are rough approximations of ASL rather than the precise sign. Totally normal for toddlers, and we get his meaning most of the time. Here are the signs he likes to use so far:Curiously, he hasn't done any signs that are near his face yet, like Mommy, Daddy, water, or cat, even though we use those with him all the time. I wonder if this is a normal developmental thing, maybe because it's easier to do the signs that just involve one or both hands and no other body parts.

There's also a lot of walking around here these days. He had been taking only a few steps at a time for several weeks, but all that changed on Wednesday. It was his first day back to school after a two-week hiatus, and when he got home that afternoon, he suddenly walked all the way across the kitchen to me. It was as if he saw all the kids at school walking around and thought, "Hey, I'd better get a move on!" He's very impressive now and dazzled many people at the church activities fair yesterday.

Next up: running. Once Jack learned to run, he ran everywhere, and I'm expecting no less from Kent. I can't wait.

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