Sticking at home

We're staying at home for Gustav. I had thought seriously about taking Kent and going somewhere inland, leaving Jack at home with the cats, but the closest place I could get a hotel reservation is a town in Alabama, six hours' drive away on a good day, meaning it would probably take at least twice that long, given how congested the highways in Louisiana and Mississippi are. CNN said an estimated 1 million people fled the Gulf Coast yesterday. Nuts. We think that the worst thing we'll have to deal with is a power loss, and even though it gets hot very quickly, I'd rather we all stay together, and I think we'll deal with it.

Our internet has been spotty all week. We haven't figured out yet whether it's our connection or our cable modem, but we've barely been able to connect long enough to check email, and even then it only works once a day or so out of MANY times that we try. It's pretty frustrating. I'll try to keep everyone posted, whether we're posting from home or from someplace around town with wifi, and hopefully there won't be any major trouble.

For now, though, I'm off to make pancakes, and then Jack and I are beginning our first day as Sunday school teachers for the toddler music class. We don't quite know what to expect, and Kent may be the only kid there sometimes, but we're really looking forward to singing and banging things with all the other kids and parents. Woot!

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Thanks for the update. Stay safe!

How neat that you & Jack are teaching the toddler music class. Have fun!
Looks like the hurricane will be cutting pretty close to you. Be careful.
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